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“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.”
~Wendell Berry

Artist Statement

The creative process for me is an extension of life…a fluid record of the lived, relational interactions of my world. These experiences and encounters in life continually create a metamorphosis within my consciousness. My art always surprises me with a tangible, visual diary of these transformations. 

Reclaimed materials are often used as compositional elements or embedded in my paintings. These lost or discarded materials are relics of our culture and the natural world. They are sometimes a springboard that jumpstart my creative process. These "found" objects invite me to breathe new life into them. Juxtaposing various materials creates this new metamorphosis in the story of my work.


I find myself thinking about human connections to place, both past and present. Travel has opened a window of appreciation and understanding of different cultures and beliefs. Art is a universal   language and I try to use this language to connect to the heart and soul of others.

Artist Resumé and Exhibitions


        MFA, Painting, University of Illinois at Chicago

        BFA, Painting, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL    

        BA, Painting, Printmaking, Theology, Edgecliff College, Cincinnati, OH



        Teacher and Department Chair, Ursuline Academy, Cincinnati, OH

        Assistant Professor, Chatfield College, Saint Martin, OH 

        Instructor, The Communiversity Program, Division of Continuing Education, University of Cincinnati,                 Cincinnati OH 

        Adjunct Drawing Instructor, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

        Teaching Assistantship, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL 



      New Work, Art@43023, Granville, OH

        Six New Exhibitions, The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center. KY  

        New Works, Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 

        Beneath the Surface, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights    

        Spiritual Dimensions, The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington, KY 

        Recent Work, Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 

        Sacred Spaces, Carnegie Art Center, Covington, KY 



      New Woman Juried Exhibition, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Annex Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

      Shifting Perspectives, Encaustic Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

        Global Warming is Real, 4th Annual, Encaustic Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

        Global Warming is Real, 3rd Annual, sThe Encaustic Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

      Visions, The Cathedral Basilica, Covington, KY

        Homegrown, Ohio Woman’s Caucus for Art Exhibition, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Weston Gallery,               Cincinnati, OH

        Cincinnati Arts Festival, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Weston Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        Fifth Third Bank Art on the Square Juried Exhibition, Cincinnati, OH 

        Woman”s Caucus for Art #4 Annual Juried Exhibition, Bunte Gallery, Franklin University, Columbus, OH

        The Conference of Cincinnati Woman Exhibitions, Carnegie Art Center, Covington, KY



        Think Square 2, The Think Shop, Newport, KY 

        YUST Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        High School Art Educator Exhibition, Art Academy of Cincinnati, OH

        Poetic Synthesis, Cathedral Basilica, Covington, KY

        Artist Exchange Summer Show, YWCA, Cincinnati, OH

        Parallel Visions, Studio San Gluseppe, Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        Sacred Spaces: Seen and Unseen, Machine Shop Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        Ancient Fragments: In a New Light, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL

        Inner Voices, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL

        Art on the Square Invitational, Cincinnati, OH

        First Exhibition in Nashville, Folon & Rigsby

        Rebinding: Psyche, Spirit, Soul, The Machine Shop Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        Rituals, Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 

        Masks: Mystery, Myth, Metaphor, Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        Artist Exchange, YWCA Gallery, OH

        Carnegie Artists’ Retrospective, Carnegie Art Center, Covington, KY

        Chicago Works on Paper-Abstracted, Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI 



      Remembrancer, Indian Hill Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

      Think Square 3, Virtual Exhibition

        Think Square 4, The Collab, Cincinnati, OH

        Mind Gardens, Caza Sikes, Cincinnati, OH

        The Box, Images Friedman Gallery, Louisville, KY

        Born Catholic, Zahoric – Hughes Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

        Found Object Invitational, Images Friedman Gallery, Louisville, KY



        Visions International X, Covington, KY, Jurors Award

        Visions VIII, Covington, KY, Jurors Award

        Visions VII, Covington, KY, Jurors Award                

        Visions VI, Covington, KY, Jurors Award

        Visions V, Covington, KY, Best of Show award                                          

        Visions III, Covington, KY, Best of Show 

        Visions II, Covington, KY, Juror’s Choice

        Cincinnati Enquirer Review

        City Beat Magazine Review    

        Antenna Magazine, Artist Profile

        18th Annual Fine Arts Competition, Cincinnati, OH, Cash Award    

         Dialogue Magazine

         Resurgence, Pittsburgh, PA, Best of Show,

         Catalog, Chicago Works on Paper – Abstracted, published by Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine              Arts, Racine, WI



        Charter Oaks Federal Savings, Cincinnati, OH

        Cincinnati Bell Telephone, Cincinnati, OH

        Hemmer Construction, Cincinnati, OH

        Jergens, Cincinnati, OH

        Mercy Hospital – Anderson, Cincinnati, OH

        Misericordia North, Chicago, IL

        Northwest Hospital, Chicago, IL

        Procter and Gamble, Cincinnati, OH

        Saks Fifth Avenue, Indianapolis, IN

        Sencorp, Cincinnati, OH

        World Com, Columbus, OH

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